Russell Volkswagen - Brand new Jetta sprayed with clear coat

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

To make a very long story short, I bought 2 cars from Russell Volkswagon in Catonsville in a 6 month period.

I brought my Jetta in for a scratch repair. A BMW was getting a clear coat spray, and my ENTIRE car was coated with clear coat.

They gave me the run around, damaged ( scratched) my car, dented my wheelwell..gave me the runaround - more scratches- I missed work , lost sleep, and STILL have a damaged Jetta. ( scratched hood, grill, sides) I am FURIOUS

DO NOT BUY from Russell. They are a heartless company, they do not care about you

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Russell Volkswagen - Poor customers service at russell volkswagan

Baltimore, Maryland 1 comment

my experience with russell volkswagen was terrible.i was left just standing around when another customer came in and took my sales person right away from me.

i decided to get in my car and leave.

the sales person acted as if he made and manufacted the car himself. he showed me a car i didn't even ask to purchase. i inquired about a convertible and he tried to press me with a regular hard top wagan.

when i began ask price information he gave me a price and left without even trying to close the deal, rushing off to help someone who had just walked in the door.

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When I bought my car at Russel Volkswagen the team that I worked with was so helpful.They listened to my needs from the get go and found the perfect car for me to purchase.

I went in knowing how much I wanted to pay. I told them the needs and wishes on my list. They sat me down and together we found a car that was in my budget, met all my needs, and helped them make a little money. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a new or a used car.

They people are great, the cars are nice, the dealership is comfortable and well stocked.All in all a great experience!

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